Learn Portuguese from Portugal with a native!

Remote/in-person classes tailored to your needs

What I offer?

Classes of 60 min each with a native Portuguese speaker. During the classes we will practice vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and speaking according to your level and area of interest. The Portuguese language has a challenging way of pronouncing words and I can help you become more comfortable in your style of speaking. I can also assist you correcting home work exercises and proofreading your texts.

In order to achieve a holistic comprehension of the Portuguese language, I use not only a textbook, but also poems, Portuguese texts, music lyrics. This way will help you to understand not only the language but also the culture from Portugal, because language and culture are always together.

My Experience

I am a Master in Translation and I have experience teaching Portuguese as a second language at the Munich Community college (Volkshochschule M√ľnchen) and also private tutoring.

I am the author of a Portuguese learning book called "Learn Portuguese with Poetry"

I am the co-founder of the learning platform https://www.portuguesefromportugal.com as well as content creator for my private blog http://www.ritafaria.com/ and https://m.facebook.com/reading.in.focus/

Types of Lessons

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